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Running out of disk space on IP4

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Dec 6, 2010
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Hi there. A strange thing just happen to my phone, when I try to play a video is says that I am running out of disk space and won't play the file. I have a 16gig IP4 with 54 apps 56 photos and 3 videos, it says my capacity is 14gb and I have 661MB available, can this be right? 2 of the videos where recorded on the phone and one was d/l, the applications....well I know I never install GIGS of apps, but when I go into itunes it say 9.1gigs and 3.4 gigs is others audio is 0.02gigs photos is 0.92gigs. Would I need to delete files in a temp folder somewhere?

That's alot of apps. You may want to delete some that you don't use. 3.4GB in other it alot too. I only have around 300mb for other.

Delete the stuff you don't use then do a restore. That should clear up the 'other' stuff...
Hi thanx for getting back to me Gaz. I do have 2 navigational apps which are around lets say 250 -300MB but the rest of the apps where around 10MB at worse, there maybe the odd few that are over 20MB but surely that shouldn't even be over 4 gigs let alone 9.1gigs, am I not taking something into account?

Is there an app that will tell me what space each app is taking up?
It does sound excessive. You can go into the app store and at the bottom of the app description it tells you the size. Sat nav apps like Tom Tom can take up over 1gb of space depending on which maps you have...
I have 178 apps on my iphone 4 16gb and I have had no problem running videos at all. I do turn my phone off every couple days to remove some of the clutter. I also have around 1500 photos and videos.
sounds like it might be time for a fresh reboot/restore.
thats one thing i like about constant updates and jailbreaks,gives me a chance to start fresh every now and again
What a palaver I had with IP4 last night until this morning. I decided to erase all content and setting on my IP4 due to the problem with the capacity as stated above. Anyhow after going through with it my IP4 just hung with the apple logo, nothing I could do would work, Itunes kept on coming up with an error message when I tried to reset it back to factory setting. Anyhow I finally manage to get it sorted this afternoon by using another PC with itunes. So I've lost all my jailbroken apps but have the files saved and my firmware as been ungraded to 4.2.1 instead of the 4.1 which was previously installed. I'm hoping there will be no issues in jailbreaking again with this firmware, if anyone can shed any light on that. Also even thought I have yet to install anything on my IP4, I only have 8.7gigs left out of the 16gigs, is that normal?
4.2.1 is a tethered jailbreak. Best waiting on the untethered jailbreak as it's not too far away.

The fact that you only have 8.7GB after doing a restore is worrying. Are you sure you haven't synced apps and videos to your phone. Your best doing a restore and setting up new phone then sync all your stuff back on after that.

What was the error you were getting in iTunes. Was it 1013 by any chance...?
This is a really old thread so i will close it.
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