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Robin Hood - Archer of the Woods Brings Fire-Breathing Cow Dragons to the iPhone!


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Jun 18, 2010
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Chillingo/Clickgamer adds yet another string to its sizeable bow with the release today of Robin Hood - Archer of the Woods for iOS devices. Developed by Mudloop, the game features the world’s most famous archer in a swashbuckling castle-defence adventure game. Players get to take control of Robin Hood and reign destruction from above as they attempt to protect their village and battle against enemy forces ranging from classic medieval soldiers and battle-axe wielding trolls to fire-breathing dragons and giant weapons of siege warfare, not to mention the most fiendish, and quite nutty, enemies of all, soldiers on Wooden Segways!

It all looks like very simple stuff, but like most Chillingo/Clickgamer games, could well be addictive once you get going. The Segway Soldiers are a nice touch, and it looks like there’s plenty of cartoonish gore and head-shot action too, which is always a plus!

Robin Hood - Archer of the Woods is available now to download here from the App Store for £0.59/$0.99.

Source: Chillingo/Clickgamer