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RadioShack introduces the iPhone 4S to their Sprint line-up


Oct 3, 2011
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San Jose, CA


The iPhone 4S has been the hottest gadget ever since its launch, and now getting your hands on it is much easier because users have a new supplier to go to in the times of mobile need. In Hong Kong the frenzy was so huge that almost 3,000 people showed up on launch day in hopes of getting their hands on the device of all devices, but only 1,250 of those were allowed to actually line up. So, here’s some nice scoop for whoever failed to satisfy his/her inner geek: 9to5mac apparently grabbed an interesting piece of information regarding RadioShack who will be introducing Apple’s trendy gizmo to their Sprint lineup this very weekend. Some stores have already piled up the stock and others are awaiting for their iPhone 4S stock to arrive very soon.

The site posted online a imagine showcasing an internal RadioShack memo, which demonstrates that the retailer is now offering Apple’s latest iPhone on Sprint. For now the phone in available in its 16GB version, in the colors black and white. The price will remain the same of course, the usual costumer friendly $199.99.

One disappointment regarding this news is that according to the leaked documents there’s no indication of the 32 and 64 GB models being available at Radio Shack this time around. Radio Shack has already been distributing the 8GB iPhone 4 for Sprint, while its modern brother was left in charge of AT&T and Verizon.

If you check Radio Shack’s website, you’ll find that the phone has already been added to the product list, and pretty soon you’ll be able to find it in every local store that normally sell cell phones.

Source: Unwired View


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