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Qualcomm is Partnering with TSMC to Build the Modems for this Year's new iPhones


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Nov 27, 2012
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According to a fresh report coming from DigiTimes publication, it seems that Qualcomm is partnering with TSMC to build modems for this year's iPhones, using the latter's 20-nanometer process. Josephine Lien with the publication added the following:

"Qualcomm is partnering with TSMC to supply 100% of the modem chips for use in the new iPhones slated for launch in September 2015, the sources said. The chips are built using TSMC's 20nm process, the sources noted."

People familiar with the matter said Intel is unlikely to win any orders for 2015 or 2016, but that it could become a supplier for 2017 iPhones as Apple is looking for additional modem providers.

Source: DigiTimes