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[Q] where are my pictures saved from google drive?


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Feb 15, 2015
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Hello guys,
I have this problem that id dont know where does the google drive app save my photos that i choose to save on my device? I cannot seem to find them in camera roll.
Ios 8.1.2
Thanks in advance

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Welcome to iPhoneForums, asukaj!

I've just tried saving a few pictures from Google Drive to my iPhone. They were saved to the Camera Roll.

Is Google Drive allowed to access the Photos app on your device? Make sure it is enabled in Settings - Privacy - Photos.
Hey,yea i checked and everything is on. However i am still not able to find pictures in camera roll..should i trs reinstall google drive?

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Of course.

Also force close both apps, restart your iPhone and reset it (press and hold Home and Power button until the Apple logo appears, let go of both, it will power up).

Hope that helps.