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Powerful Iphone Business Networking App


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Aug 14, 2014
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CityHour app is a powerful networking app for Iphone which transforms an actionable network by arranging meetings with other professionals around commonalities such as industry expertise, location or shared business objectives. The city hour app easily syncs with your LinkedIn profile and locates contacts both in and out of your current network that are open to scheduling in-person meetings. So whether you are looking to grow your business, explore career opportunities or create new partnerships, with CityHour you’re just a few taps away from putting real productivity into your networking!
Hello. Thanks for telling us about your new app.

However, please read our forum rules in their entirety before your next post. The rules state that members may not promote their websites, domains, company, or services in any of the discussion forums. This includes posting a link to your app development web site.

The only links that are allowed in an app announcement are the direct link to the App Store and/or a YouTube video showing the game play.

In addition, developers may only post ONE thread about their app; your other post was deleted.

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