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Photos taken with the iPhone 15 series

I picked up this arrangement for my friends birthday a few weeks ago…
Yes we are at that point of phone photography indeed 😁
I used to walk into BestBuy and you could not get close to the cameras, as so many people were jamed up to mess with them, today it's like no one even cares to look at them this Christmas is the last time BB will have DVDs i wonder how soon it will be before they will drop the cameras also.

I stopped by Best Buy today and looked at the camera Dept. i was walking around all the high priced cameras for around 45 minuets, many Best Buy employees saw me but none even asked if they could help.
Also all the time i was in the camera Dept. no other person came to look, i was all alone maybe that was a good thing.

Not so in both the Phone Dept. and the Computer Dept and the Appliance Dept., many Best Buy employees were quick to ask if they could help me.
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