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PDF Creator App that Works Within Safari?


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Nov 14, 2011
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I am a new owner/user of the iphone 4s, my first iphone experience. I am starting to use the phone for much of my business on the internet, such as paying bills, etc. When I pay a bill I like to make a pdf of the web page that contains my confirmation of payment for future reference that the bill has been paid. On my laptop, it is relatively simple. I have been investigating apps for the iphone that enable the user to create pdfs of documents, photos, etc. When I read the detail about most of them, it appears that when the user wants to create a pdf of a webpage, the app pulls the safari/broswer web page into "a browser internal to the app" and creates the pdf from that internal browser. I am concerned that the internal app browser will not be able to pull the payment confirmation page into the internal app browser due to internet web page security used by the vendor issuing the payment confirmation page. I have seen comments to this effect in the comments section of the app store for several of these pdf creating apps. Do you know of a pdf creating app that can produce the pdf directly from the web page rather than having to pull the web page into an internal app browser? Of if not, do you know another way for me to ensure that I can create pdfs from payment confirmation web pages? Thanks very much, bill41251

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