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Otterbox iPhone 6 Case Giveaway!

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May 27, 2010
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Thread closed, thanks to all that participated - Winner will be announced shortly!!

Stay tuned - We will be posting a new contest this afternoon!


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Sep 11, 2011
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What better way to celebrate the upcoming iPhone 6 release other than a giveaway? Better yet, an otterbox giveaway? Otterbox was kind enough to host this giveaway/contest and one lucky iPhoneForums.net registered member will win one of these 4 iphone 6 cases of your choice!

Rules are simple, simply post in this thread what color iPhone 6 you'll be getting and which iPhone6 Otterbox case interests you the most. This contest will end in 3 days and one random winner will be chosen. The Otterbox iPhone6 lineup can be found here and as follows:

Defender Series:
– Triple-layer, ultra rugged iPhone 6 cases made to survive the bumps, drops and scrapes you encounter on your adventures
– Built-in screen protector shelters every inch of the 4.7” display, defending against scratches, scrapes and scuffs
– Protective membrane cradles the Touch ID to block dust and debris and enhance device functionality
– Customize your case with a variety of color options and build your own personally designed case
– Belt-clip holster keeps your device handy and provides a mini-stand for hands-free use

Symmetry Series:

– Dual-material construction makes this one of the slimmest, most protective iPhone 6 cases in its class
– Sleek and slim iPhone 6 case is a cinch to install
– Make this stylish iPhone 6 case your canvas for design when you choose from a full spectrum of wraparound colors and graphics
– Streamlined design delivers tough protection from drops and shock

Commuter Series:

– Safeguard your device from the daily grind with this slim but sturdy iPhone 6 case
– Tight-fitting port and plug covers keep grit and grime from building up in your jacks, ports and inputs
– Comes with a stick-on screen protector to help block scratches, scuffs and scrapes to the gorgeous 4.7” display
– Customize with a variety of color options and create your personally designed case
– Upgrade to the Commuter Series Wallet case and stash your cash and cards inside the hidden wallet drawer

Commuter Wallet:

– Slim, pocket-friendly iPhone 6 cases provide tough protection against drops and scrapes
– Convenience, security, trusted OtterBox protection — this iPhone 6 case is everything you need, all in one.
– Front-facing access drawer with audible click closure gives you peace of mind knowing the items inside are safe, secure and for your eyes only
– Select your favorite color and pick a standard shell for more options

Note: This giveaway is for one iPhone6 Otterbox case only and not for an iPhone6 Plus case.

Good luck everyone! :D

Otterbox iPhone6 Case Lineup


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Sep 24, 2012
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This contest closed on the 19th of September. With that, this thread is now closed.
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