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Old charger plugs versus Iphone4 encased


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Jul 18, 2010
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Baton Rouge
Try plugging in your old chargers into the I4 with the case on. Ain't gonna happen. To remedy, I tried two things. Enlarging the plug cavity with an Exacto knife. What's easier is just tapering the plug. Carefully whittle down the square edges and it will be just enough for the pins to connect. Not a good hold so be careful when laying the phone down or trying to use it with cord connected. Happy I4ing.
All the real iPhone cords are the same. It's when you buy other brands that you end up with square or different shape ends. They work fine until like you say they don't fit the case.....
Bought a car charger on E Bay. Works fine on I phone 4.
Here is a few of the chargers. Last one is the real apple one.




I just bought a car charger at 5 Below for 5 bucks and even though it's square it fits in with case on no problem. I bought an extra USB deal and it does not but maybe I will try cutting that one.
there are some cases that wont work with the older plugs even if its Apple product.

I have the apple bumper for my I4 and tried using a 3g apple cable. wont hold in. same goes for my car unit. solution is to shave off some of the plastic on the plug part of the cable.