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Jan 19, 2012
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Joy Sprites is a web browser for entertainment, which supports funny features including sprite clicking web elements, voice control, voice tune changing as Talking Tom, dragging sprites as Angry Birds, transparent background, free drawing on webpage for marking. The sprites move with gravity sensor of device. In voice click mode, when you say "yeah","wonderful" or "wow", the sprites will click the appropriate web elements. You can also drag and free the sprites, they will fly or jump out as Angry Birds. Your voice will be tuned for entertainment as Talking Tom. When you say "go forward" , "go back" or "refresh", which will make the browser navigate forward, backward or refresh page. The application also supports voice navigation of commonly used sites, when you say "Facebook", "Twitter" or "Youtube", which will navigate to the appropriate Web site. You do not need to operate as Siri, where you have to press microphone button for every process. In this application, the voice control is not disturbed between different voice commands. This app also supports basic function of web browser, such as bookmark, multi-tabs, downloading and sharing files, saving image or photo, searching or translating selected text in web page.

The browser also supports transparent and painting mode. When you say "enable transparent", the rear camera will open, so that the web page showing a translucent effect. This can prevent the foot of tripping over obstacles when you browse pages while walking. You can say "disable transparent" to exit transparent background mode. When you say "enable painting", browser will enter into painting mode, which enables you to draw on web page with finger freely. This function can be used to mark in webpage to interpret to others. You can say "disable painting" to exit painting mode.

The balance angle is adaptive to current screen angle while the sprite is enabled. If you want to adjust to another angle, just disable sprite and put screen to current angle, then enable sprite.

App store link(free):
App Store - Joy Sprites Voice Browser

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