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My Dog App Inspired by Owner's Hunt for Lost Dog


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Jun 18, 2010
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App developer Holger Laufenberg was inspired to create his My Dog app when he lost his own two-year old Terrier-Mix, Dax, for a short but agonising period of time, after Dax escaped from a neighbour’s yard. Holger was so distraught when wandering around his neighbourhood looking for Dax, with all sorts of thoughts going through his mind such as was Dax hurt, how would anyone know to contact Dax’s owner if they found Dax, and so on, that once Dax was eventually found Holger was inspired to create an iPhone app that would help other dog owners in similar situations. Holger got in touch with his friends Arie and Jane Kopleman, who run a national dog rescue organisation and a local shelter in upstate New York, and the three of them set to work developing the My Dog iPhone app, which enables owners to create and share personalised profiles for their dogs, including vet, owner and emergency contact information, medical history and so on.

And, because My Dog also features the most comprehensive national dog-service directory with over 30,000 listings, including local vets, hospitals, shelters and rescue organisations, other dog owners will hopefully never have to go through what Holgar went through when he was frantically searching for Dax.

You can download My Dog here, for $1.99, with 15 percent of net revenues being donated to local shelters and national organizations such as Animals For Adoption and the APCA.