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MLB Approves Apple Watch for Use in Dugout, But Cell Phone Ban Remains


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Jun 18, 2010
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According to AppleInsider, Major League Baseball is to allow coaches and team personnel to wear their Apple Watches in the dugout during MLB games, but cell phones and other electronic devices are still not permitted. However, there is one major caveat for the Apple Watches free pass into the dugout, namely that it must not be used as a communication device.

The issue arose this week when Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost was seen wearing his Apple Watch in the dugout when his team was playing against the Cincinnati Reds. Yost had in fact been given the watch by Major League Baseball after he managed the American League team in the All-Star Game this year.

The fact that Yost could be seen wearing his watch drew a lot of attention from media outlets, with some members of the press saying that they thought MLB had banned the Apple Watch.

Eventually an MLB spokesperson clarified the matter, telling MarketWatch that the Apple Watch was permitted in the dugout provided it was not being used to access scouting data or to communicate with team members somehow during the match.

“When you’re away from your phone, all it is is a watch,” Yost told MLB, according to the Kansas City Star.

Source: MLB okays Apple Watch for use in the dugout, cell phones still banned

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