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Looking for, what is probably, antiquated technology


Blackhawk Bob

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Mar 3, 2015
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Perhaps you want to keep your car totally "stock", but have you considered just replacing the radio? You can get a very inexpensive new radio with Bluetooth, USB, and other goodies that will fit in the existing slot. We had Best Buy install one and we're very happy with it. You can still save the old radio and re-install it later if you want to. I also have a Roadster in my truck, but the new radio beats it hands down. With the radio you don't have to remember to turn the Bluetooth on or off or charged, and when the phone is plugged in it is being charged as well.

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Thanks for the information, Dave. I will see what Best Buy has to offer and how it will integrate with or replace my CD player. Believe it or not, I still occasionally enjoy my old cassette tapes--but not enough to have them converted so I'd have to enter that into the equation.Thanks.