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"Load Carrier" A New Action Game [Coming Soon] For iPhone/iPad


Jul 31, 2014
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Hello Guys :) ,

Load Carrier a new magical action game releasing for iPhone/iPad by jackwillson Games on the Apple App Store. "Load Carrier" is a very appealing peculiar game to pick up for everyone!!!

Prove your driving skills with Load Carrier by driving in a sawtooth road!!! Get Perfection in driving!!!

Can You Make It!!!!!!

It is challenging and very enthusiastic game. You need to carry stones to the destination to get Challenging Score...

Load Carrier is a Challenging game and the game play itself creates a curiosity on this oddity!!

Why are you waiting for Guys?? Hurry Up!!! Get into this heroic game.

Thank you for Support in Advance!! It is going to hit on App Store Guys!!! Be Ready!!!