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Lemmings nostalgia? - Try Meerkatz Challenge

Hunde Anlainen

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Jul 28, 2014
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Hello! We have just finished developing Meerkatz Challenge and wanted to share it with you guys and gals. It’s an action puzzle platformer in the style of the old Lemmings games.

We’ve tried to capture the fun that those games brought but also mix it up with new abilities, obstacles and enemies. In addition, it features meerkats and let’s be honest, they are cute as hell.
There are 4 chapters with different settings (serengeti, jungle, cave and temple) with 16 levels each. It’s easy to learn but later levels do get quite tricky.


We personally dislike ingame payments, so you just pay for the app once and receive the full content! In addition, a free update is in the works with another chapter.

iTunes Link:

Feel free to ask us any questions! We’ve put a lot of love and work into this game and it would mean a lot if you checked it out!

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