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Jigsaw Puzzle Collection


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Apr 13, 2011
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Jigsaw Puzzle Collection – Game by Webelinx Turns User’s Favorite Photos into Unique Puzzles

New iPad Game Offers Plenty of Unforgettable Puzzles as well as the Possibility of Turning Any Picture from User’s Gallery or Web into an Extraordinary Puzzle

“Jigsaw Puzzle Collection” has a database of many different puzzles. Users can choose from a variety of remarkable castles, breathtaking landscapes, cute animals, famous paintings, and many other puzzles. Users can also choose to search the web and find the picture they like most, adjust it and turn it into puzzle. In this way users can put together pieces of beautiful buildings, flowers, animals and anything they like, but is not offered in the database. In addition, users can choose a photo from the gallery, and turn their wedding photo, family photo or any other special photo into a memorable puzzle. There are three difficulty levels users can choose from: easy, medium and hard. Also there is a feature that enables users to rotate the puzzle pieces and make the solving more interesting. But if the solving gets too hard, users can choose to separate the edges from the middle pieces and find their places first. Users can also choose to put the image in the background so they can see how the final image looks like any time. There are also several different table designs users can choose from. Users also have an option to save their progress, and resume from that point whenever they want. Last game will be saved anyway, so if something interrupted the game, users can find it and continue from where they stopped.


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Jigsaw Puzzle Collection can be found at this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jigsaw-puzzle-collection-free/id571264158?mt=8
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