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Japanese Bakery Bakes Edible iPhone Cookie!


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Jun 18, 2010
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The Vancouver Sun has a fun story today about Green Gables bakery in Tokushima prefecture in Western Japan, which is doing a roaring trade in edible iPhones! The small country bakery first started serving up the iPhone cookie in 2008, as a present for a customer’s husband, according to Kumiko Kudo, the store’s owner. Since then, Green Gables’ iPhone cookie has become incredibly famous and popular after a photo of it was featured in tweets by two well-known Twitter users in Japan, economics writer Kazuyo Katsuma and pop singer Komi Hirose.

The 2,730 yen ($33) cookie now sells by the hundreds, and so popular has it become that it is only available on order, with a waiting list as long as two months.

The iCookie has even received something of an official seal of approval in Japan, as when Kudo gave one of the cookies to Masayoshi Son the president of Softbank, the iPhone and iPad carrier in Japan, he proclaimed “I’m so happy. I cannot possibly eat this!”

And there’s no truth in the rumour that Green Gables bakery had to abandon their plans to release a white iPhone when they couldn’t get the icing on the home button to match the icing on the case.

Source: Vancouver Sun Japan bakery scores surprise hit with 'edible iPhone'