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iPhone has stopped syncing with Mac (iTunes)

Michael Graubart

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Nov 2, 2013
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London, UK.
I apologise if this duplicates other questions and answers, but I have been unable to find relevant ones here.

I sync my iPhone 3G with my Mac mini (OS 10.8.5) by means of iTunes, connecting by cable to one of the Mac's USB ports. Everything has been working very well until today. Suddenly today no new entry in the Mac's Calendar gets synced to the phone and no new entry in the phone gets synced to the Mac.

The iPhone appears as it should in the iTune window, syncing appears to take place (as shown both in iTunes and on the phone), but the data is not transferred in either direction. I cannot imagine what has happened: no settings have been changed, no crashes or other disasters have happened.

I have tried restarting iTunes, disconnecting and reconnecting the phone and restarting the Mac itself. Finally I tried resetting the Mac's synch services.

What can I do now?
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And one more discovery: 'Contacts' syncs OK, 'Calendar' does not sync at all. NB: I have checked settings in iTunes very carefully. I have all calendars enabled.

But now: can it be that no-one has any ideas about this problem?

I have now tried everything else I can think of: I have reset the History in iSync, I have downloaded a fresh copy of iTunes, I reset Synch Services once again and then very carefully reset the preferences in iTunes.

The situation remains: 'Contacts' syncs, 'Calendar' does not — either way

I am desperate. Nothing is more perilous than two diaries, two sets of appointments, dates for lectures that one is supposed to give, etc., and no way of synchronizing the two.

Should I re-post this cri de coeur in another of the iPhone fora on this site? What else can I do?

Please, please, somebody out there, give me some suggestions!