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iPhone becoming useful in Healthcare


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May 27, 2010
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In the past few years, hospitals have been known to incorporate the latest of technologies in order to improve employee efficiency. The latest of additions have just been introduced in the form of kiosks and is available for doctors, nurses and the hospital staff. Within these kiosks, medical doctors and hospital personal can work with iPads. It is most common that the iPads are directly lined to the hospital’s diagnostic computer, so patient info can be quickly integrated in the system.

The iPad isn’t the only new technology added in the hospital, iPhone have been helping health professionals to attaint a better communication and effectives. For example in the Kaweah Delta Health Care District in Visalia, doctors and their staff already use smartphones in order to access the hospital’s network.

iPads are becoming increasingly popular in health care and with good reason. For example, plastic surgeon Dr. Julie Parker is using the iPad in order to help breast-cancer patients envision the effects of their reconstructive surgeries. iPads come with many plusses, many physicians say. It’s easy to carry on rounds, has a 10-hour battery life and costs around $500.

The iPad programme was first launched somewhere in 2010 across the US. One of the first pilot locations was a hospital district in California where some 20 doctors embedded the iPad into their working techniques when keeping track of patients. It turns out, that the touch screen is intuitive and gives a hands-on experience for the patients who have to be informed about what is going to be happening to them during surgeries.

Source: AppleInsider