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iPhone 8 Virtual Home Button Details Revealed Via HomePod Firmware Leak


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Jun 18, 2010
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BGR writes that developer Steven Troughton-Smith has found details about the iPhone 8’s virtual home button when digging around in the recently leaked HomePod firmware. Troughton-Smith has been doing amazing work uncovering secrets about the forthcoming iPhone 8 from the firmware code, and these latest revelations once again reveal key details about an important iPhone 8 feature.

Although the iPhone 8 will not have an actual physical home button, with Apple said to be using 3D facial recognition for most, if not all, of the functions previously undertaken by the Touch ID sensor, Troughton-Smith has discovered that Apple has developed a new UI solely for the home button, which will now be an area rather than a specific button, and which will have the ability to resize and also include tab bars underneath when necessary. Troughton-Smith explained that this means that “tab bar backgrounds extend beyond their regular bounds outside of the ‘safe area,’ and provided a mock-up of how the virtual home button might look. The virtual home button will also have the ability to vanish from view altogether in order to make more room for content on the screen. Starting to like the sound and look of this!

Image: @stroughtonsmith

Source: Massive iPhone leak explains how one of the iPhone 8’s most important features works

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