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iPhone 4 Recall Rumors


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May 27, 2010
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Haha, some people will believe anything:

Daily Mail runs iPhone 4 recall story based on fake Steve Jobs tweet

by Michael Rose (RSS feed) on Jun 27th, 2010
I suppose, in a world where one of the most successful CEOs replies personally to customer emails complaining about their new phones, it's not entirely outside the realm of the credible that the same CEO might announce a possible product recall on Twitter. By bypassing his entire corporate communications infrastructure, this CEO would defuse a tricky support situation and regain the trust of the marketplace.

No, wait -- it's not credible. Despite the fact that @ceoSteveJobs is 100% fake, which a casual reading of the account timeline shows, Britain's Daily Mail newspaper still ran with a story yesterday that quoted the Twitter account as saying Apple might have to recall the iPhone 4. The story has been removed from the DM's website, but it's still posted on multiple syndication sites and scraper pages.

Source: TUAW -- The Unofficial Apple Weblog
The blessing of the internet can also be it's cursing :)
Great news, and to top that off .. I just called AT&T to see if they are still receiving units on June 29th and they confirmed it. On the other hand, Best buy believes anything then :p.