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iPhone 4 Owners Getting Plenty of Satisfaction


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Jun 18, 2010
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Wireless on MSNBC.com reportstoday on a survey from ChangeWave Research which finds that despite the recent antenna troubles, the iPhone 4 is "outperforming almost every other smart phone in the industry in terms of overall customer satisfaction and meeting owners' expectations." ChangeWave also said that iPhone 4 owners are reporting less dropped calls than iPhone 3GS owners. And as for that thorny antenna issue, well it seems that although the survey found that 20 percent of the total 213 iPhone 4 owners polled said that they had experienced problems, the vast majority of them said that they were happy with Apple's solution of providing the $29 bumpers for free.

In terms of overall satisfaction, 72 percent of respondents said they are "very satisfied", and 21 percent "somewhat satisfied" with the iPhone 4. Although these figures still fall a little short of last year's iPhone 3GS satisfaction numbers, when 82 percent said they were "very satisfied" and 17 percent "somewhat satisfied" with their iPhone, they're actually extremely positive in the light of "Antenna-gate".

Source: Wireless on MSNBC

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