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iPhone 4 Customised to Look Like A Leica Camera


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Jun 18, 2010
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Another great story on Pocket-lint today about a photographer on Flickr called Joey_Joey_Joey who felt like it might be a good idea to try to combine his twin passions of photography and the iPhone by finding some way of customising his iPhone 4 with a special skin to make it look like a Leica M9 Rangefinder camera.

So how did he (or she!) manage to do it? Check out part of JJJ's explanation on his Flickr page:
"Originally, I thought all I would have to do was just simply scale the camera to the phone's dimensions but I soon found out that the phone was actually wider than the rangefinder. This resulted in a very fat looking M9 with a severely distorted lens.

After thinking it through a bit, I decided that I would need to do some cloning and healing to make the body look a bit normal. Then I proceed to transplant unmodified parts onto this new body."
Photographers, eh! Clever bods. Head over to the Flickr page here to check out some great shots of the customised iPhone 4. No reports as to whether or not the skin solves the antenna problem! The photo with this news item is actually a real Leica M9, so you can compare just how good the customised version looks! Unfortunately it seems that at present you won't be able to buy the skin, as Joey_Joey_Joey says it was a purely personal project and not for profit.

Source: Pocket-lint