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Iphone 4 contact list

scottish lad

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Jan 8, 2011
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When I transferred contacts from my computer windows live email program I ended up with two groups of contacts, one called "all contacts" and the other "car". "car" is a group distribution list for use when I want to send a collective email to members of that group. I want to delete this group from my Iphone contact screen but I can find no way to delete it. When I try to delete individual members from the "car" group the information is also deleted from my all contacts list. I have now changed to Outlook 2007 as my computer email program and this does not contain the "car" group. Subsequent syncing through itunes still leaves the "car" group intact on the iphone 4. On itunes the "car" group shows up on the info page under "selected groups" and I cannot find a way to delete it from that screen.
Any advice on how to delete this from my group contact list would be appreciated