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iOS 5 Widget 'ScreenLocker' Locks Rotation In Notification Center


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

iOS 5 is getting closer to it's final release and it is already Jailbroken, at least tethered, but that doesn't mean tweak can't be rolling out. Whether you'll use these tweaks now or in the future when an untethered Jailbreak comes out is up to you, but they are still really cool. With the addition of the Notification Center, there is now more room for tweaks and now Widgets on the pull down bar. This widget is called ScreenLocker and it allows you to rotation lock your device from the Notification Center. One simple press of a button instead os a switch or the need to go into your app switcher. You can find this tweak in the Cydia Store for FREE after adding the Big Boss Beta repo to your sources below.

Big Boss iOS 5 Beta Repo:
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