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Instagram is Rolling out an Update for its iPhone App Bringing New Major Features


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Nov 27, 2012
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Instagram has millions of iPhone users all over the world, and the company makes sure to release useful new features from time to time. Such is the case now, as the app has now reached version 7.0.1, and it is adding quite a few new options.

The newest version of Instagram for iPhone gets a redesigned Explore tab in the US, featuring several major updates:
  • Trending tags and places: Dynamically updated content gives you a real-time look at what's happening nearby—and all over the world
  • Curated collections: Explore a rotating selection of people and places—like extreme athletes or national parks—hand-picked by Instagram
  • Places search: Now that you can search by location, it's easy to explore an exotic vacation destination or see what's happening in your neighborhood
While only U.S users get the redesigned Explore tab, Instagram says it has improved the search functionality for all of its users. Thus, you can now search by location to find posts specifically tagged with a place name. Users can also perform a quick power search across username, name, hashtag or location.

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