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Hydrogen Powered iPhone Battery Breakthrough Lasts a Week


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Jul 27, 2011
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The above image comes from Gizmodo.

Although we are unlikely to see this cool new technological breakthrough on the next iPhone 6S or even the iPhone 7, it is still likely we will see a future iPhone sporting it. A UK research company called, Intelligent Energy, just developed a new prototype smartphone battery that can last a full week on one charge.

The new technological marvel is a patented hydrogen battery technology. They specifically used and modified an iPhone to develop this new smartphone battery. It would also require some slight changes to the smartphone itself. Small vents were added to the back of their modified iPhone which are designed to release the water vapor waste produced by the battery.

The source of this story claims that the company responsible for this prototype has been working closely with Apple on the project. Here's a quote from Intelligent Energy CEO Henri Winand,

“We have now managed to make a fuel cell so thin we can fit it to the existing chassis without alterations and retaining the rechargeable battery. This is a major step because if you are moving to a new technology you have to give people a path they are comfortable with.”

Let's cross our fingers this can be mass produced sooner rather than later!

Source: TheTelegraph


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Aug 26, 2014
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I wonder what kind of side-effects this will have. Requiring vapor vents had me wondering if my pockets will get damp from the vapor if I leave it in there for some time. If I put the phone in a sealed waterproof case, will the phone crash from not being able to dispel the vapor?

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