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how to Unlock iCloud Lock Permanently ?


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Dec 5, 2015
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hi guys
i have an iphone 6 and 5s locked by icloud, please i want a trusted website to unlock icloud permanently thank you in advance
It's not possible to bypass iCloud's activation lock. Websites promising to unlock iPhones that are locked by iCloud are scam.
If you're not the original owner of those iPhones, you'll need the original owner to turn off the iCloud Activation Lock by inputting his Apple ID and password. This can be done on the iPhone itself or remotely through his iCloud.com account. This is the ONLY way. As J. A. Said, there's no way to bypass this requirement.
As others have stated, it's simply not possible. Apple servers and iCloud are involved in the unlock process - it's not something the iPhone can do on its own.