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How do you get videos from the iPhone 4 onto your Mac?


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Aug 17, 2010
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I want to get some videos I shot from my iphone 4 to my imac. I think i have iLife 08.

I am trying to get them to iPhoto first because it wont let me put them directly onto iMovie. But for about half the videos it says "Import Failed". I cannot think why some of them can be imported and others cant.

Anyone having this issue?
Just open finder.. There should be an icon that looks like your phone. Just click and once you find your videos just drag and drop to the folder you want.
Hello,iPhone 4 Transfer mac can sync videos or songs from Mac local disk to iPhone/iPod directly without iTunes. It can also backup videos or songs from iPhone 4/iPod to your Mac local disk without loss.

it's really help, thx!
Hell Danny ,i just open finder and i don't see any Iphone icon or something ,need your help on this ,please ?