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History Treat for Apple Fans - Evolution of iOS from 1 to 8 Infographic


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Jul 27, 2011
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The day has finally arrived when we can start preordering our shiny new iPhone 6 (and/or iPhone 6 Plus). It's been 7 years since the first iPhone first changed the face of mobile technology forever. Now the next big step in the evolution of the product is soon to be in our hands and this seems like a perfect time for a bit of nostalgia.

The folks at 7dayshop.com created a timeline infographic for every iteration of Apple's iconic iOS, from 1 through 8. It's obviously so huge we couldn't contain it in this first post, but you can check it out in the thread below.

Sound off and let us know how many of these devices you have owned at one time or another.

Source: 7dayshop
Here is the iOS evolution infographic (for some reason the final bottom portion of the graphic cuts off so we included a separate pic to finish the whole infographic):


Really cool! I find it interesting that there are literally no differences in the appearance of the apps between iOS 7 and 8. Its crazy to think how innovative each iOS was at the time, and when you think back on it now, it seems so outdated and old. I'm excited for iOS 25!