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Jun 20, 2014
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Hi. Im Lisbeth and have decided to join this community, cause i wanna know more about my iPhone.
Recently i haven't been able to delete or move the icons on my homescreen on my iPhone 4. They are shaking but the cross to delete them isn't showing. Does anyone know to solve this problem? I have tried to reset the settings, and shut down my phone - but its not working.
Welcome, Lisbeth, to the best iPhone Forums on the planet!

Not all of the icons will show an "X", users aren't able to remove the apps that were shipped with the phone. You should, however, be able to move them to another screen or to a folder.

We're glad you could join us and we hope that your stay is enjoyable.
Hi, thanks for your quick reply.
Im aware of the shipped icons, but its all the other once that i cant delete.
I recently updated my phone and after that i haven't been able to delete any icons on my home screen.. Do you have any other suggestions?
Have you tried a hard reset? Hold the on/off and home button down together until the apple appears, let go and the phone will reboot.
Thanks Rich72. You made my day. Apparently the toggle had been set to off position, maybe after my update.
That's good to hear! Always like to make someone happy. Glad to help! 😃