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Hello iphone4forum.net members! New Sponsor here


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Sep 6, 2010
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Thank you for the opportunity to sponsor this growing forum. Atomic Industries is proud to introduce to iPhone4 users a beautiful new case made from the highest grade aircraft aluminum called the Atomic Billet. This is a 2 piece modular case that is amazingly strong yet thin and stylish retaining the overall feel of the iPhone4. Our case is precision engineered and CNC machined. At 22 grams, this is one of the lightest aluminum cases out there. Our case comes is several stunning colors and are in stock, available for next day delivery if need be with no wait. We have designed the the inner barrier of this case to suspend the stainless steel antenna from contact eliminating the death grip signal degradation issue. To keep the design slim and stealth weve also engineered the case without the neccessity of bulky rubber linings or wearable sponges that do not add significant shock absorbing value.

Visit us at atomiciphonecase.com.

-James @ Atomic