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Having a problem with edited images and Instagram

May 6, 2014
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Hey Guys, not sure if this is just the way instagram works or if im doing something wrong. When I edit a picture in my camera roll, and save it, then go to the instagram app to upload it, it pulls the original un-edited image...?
I think thats becuase you have edit it with the internal photo editing program of ios. Try to edit it with another app or edit it, then take a screenshot of it. the screenshot should be the edited picture ready for upload on ig:)
You will lose photo quality with screenshots. Try editing photos in 3rd party apps like Camera+ or Afterlight.
These answers are a work around - not sure why you are having issue thought (unless this is the way "camera roll works??)?
Are you opening the newly edited version of the photo for sure? Did the above help?