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[Game] Find The Movie - Guess by screenshot


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Apr 12, 2013
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Hello! I am the developer of "Find The Movie" iPhone Game and I would love to present you my game and read your comments about it! :)

The Lite edition is now available for download, so everyone may have an idea about the game, without paying any money.

Here is a short description of the concept of the game:

Are you a film lover, movie buff, cinema enthusiast or an every day person that simply enjoys movies?

Get ready for the ultimate movie quiz game consisting of the largest film collection database than any other existing Game Movie App.

From blockbusters and classic films to obscure, underground and cult films, from European and Asian cinema to Hollywood mainstream movies, this is the real deal!

Play against the clock and try to guess the correct movie title based on a screenshot of the film.

This app will give you hours of exciting gameplay and will also remind you of some of the best movies around.

Test your knowledge in the film world and refresh your cinema memories!

Features Of The Lite Edition:
- Nearly 1,000 movie screenshots for you to guess!
- 3 modes of difficulty (easy, medium, hard)
- 5 playable levels per mode out of 12
- Does not require an internet connection! play free without "killing" your data plan!

If you like the Lite edition, you may try the paid edition as well, the cost is 0,89 Euro.

Features Of The Full Edition:
- more than 5000 different movies added from all genres, including blockbusters, classic movies, cult and obscure films etc. The largest movie collection than any other existing game movie app
- 2 game styles (full game, genre game)
- 3 difficulty modes per game style (easy, medium, hard)
- 12 levels per mode (a total of 36 levels to be unlocked) in full game style
- 12 genres per mode in genre game style
- ranking system
- does not require an internet connection! play free without "killing" your data plan!

iTunes Link (Lite Version):

iTunes Link (Full Version):

Find The Movie game in 50' seconds! :)

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