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Foglio Cards - Create and customize greeting cards for your friends !


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May 29, 2014
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Have you had enough of sending boring and impersonal greeting cards ? Foglio Cards provides a fun and quick way to send greeting cards and postcards to your British friends and show them that you really care !

This free app is refreshingly easy to use, and requires no technical or graphic design knowledge to lay out greeting cards exactly the way you want. It takes just seconds to produce a one-of-a-kind card for your beloved friends and family.

Foglio Cards lets you :

  • Create personalized cards with your own photo
  • Collage your photos with artistic templates
  • Post virtual cards to Facebook
  • Send real cards as postcards
  • Pan and zoom your photos in frames
  • Edit your photos using a wide range of image filters

Foglio Cards (Free) is available for sale now at the iTunes Store !

Here is a video of Foglio Cards in action :

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Foglio Cards lets you send 1 FREE greeting card to someone living in UK ! To get a free card delivered :

  • Finish your greeting card
  • Tap "Get a free card !"
  • Type the following promo code : "appgratis-946"

Don’t hesitate to send us your feedback ! :)