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External Battery for iphone 4


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Jan 18, 2011
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iPhone is getting popular in the world. The iPhone 4, it is a revolutionary mobile designed by Apple. It is completed with many functions such as multitasking, video-call, fast and user-friendly email system, and enhanced security which make it more suitable for any age and occupation of people.

In order to meeting high demand of video-call by users, the iPhone 4 supports FaceTime which is an embedded video calling application which can use either the front or back camera over a Wi-Fi connection to talk with another iPhone 4, the fourth-generation iTouch, or any Mac computer running OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard (Wikipedia). However, the battery operating time of iPhone 4 will be shortened easily once FaceTime or other applications are used.

In order to solve the problem of battery runtime of iPhone 4, hotsalesmart Releases iPhone 4 External Battery Pack. The iPhone 4 External Power Pack is a gadget which has two main features and they are maximizing the iPhone's internal battery and also cover the backside of iPhone 4. Another benefit from iPhone 4 External Power Pack is the sleek Power pack that it can snap inconspicuously onto the back of iPhone 4 and add only few millimeters of thickness.

The iPhone 4 External Power Pack is designed with some specifications:
Weight: 65g

Capacity: 1900mAh

Cell type: Lithium-ion polymer

Dimension: 125x63x17.5(mm)

Output Voltage: 5v

Output current: 500 mA

Cycle life: 500 times

Function & Character:

Enhance iPhone 4 signal

Power switch

Sync to iTunes


Standby Time - Up to 230 hours

Talk Time - Up to 6 hours

Internet Use - Up to 5.5 hours on 3G network &

Up to 8 hours on Wi-Fi

Audio Playback - Up to 30 hours

Video Playback - Up to 8 hours

Charge EXternal Battery:

Charging method 1: Computer USB port charge

Charging method 2: Wall adaptor (AC 110-240V, USB outlet) charge

Charge iPhone:

1.slot in iPhone

2.switch on the button on external battery bottom

3.close the roof cover

4.charge and sync iPhone to iTunes thru the external battery by USB cable

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