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determining if cydia app compatible with iphone 4


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Aug 21, 2010
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hey guys, any hints (other than the app obviously stating that it is or isnt compatible with iphone 4 or ios4.0) that I can use to determine if cydia apps are compatible with iphone 4? about half the stuff i download from cydia (or even more) doesn't end up working on the iphone 4, like the sliders, dialers, keyboards, winterboard themes, etc etc. I downloaded what I thought would be this cool japanese clock application, PAID for it (ok only $1.99 but still!!!) and it is not coming up in my iphone 4 even though I have followed the install instructions !!! The title of the app is in BLUE font so i thought maybe all the blue fonts mean its not compatible with iphone 4, but i was thinking maybe the version number has something to do with it too.
thanks Danny, but ........

this link doesn't work; any corrected link available?

thanks very much