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Changing Colour / Image of Status Bar (ios4.x)


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Sep 10, 2010
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Hi All

First off I apologise if this has been answered, I have tried searching for the answer but most results are quite old, and I have tried the suggestions but does not seem to work for me, so maybe the process has changed for IOS4.

I am trying to create my own theme for my iPhone 4, I have used SSH and WinSCP to create a new folder on my phone.

I have managed to get the lockscreen background and home screen backgrounds as I want them, I have the dock background working but I cannot get the StatusBar to display on the home and lock screens.

I have even tried installing one of the Cydia theme's "14 coloured Status Bars" (or something similar) and "Color Changing Signal Bars" however none of them have any effect on my status bar on the home screen.

Can anyone tell me what I may have done wrong, or something I have missed that will change this for me?

I have "StatusBar.PNG" in the root of my theme folder, this changes it for other screens but not the home screen.

Thanks in advance