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Candy Andy - Munching Numbers FREE Math Puzzle Game

Ryan IT Lab

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Jul 30, 2014
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Hello Everyone,

Digi Sky Games has just released Candy Andy - Munching Numbers to the Apple App Store.


The game is FREE to download, so try it out and let us know what you think!

Join Andy in his journey down the yellow street of sesame to eat all the candies! Do you like brain teasers, brain games, and math games like sudoku? Do you have a analytical and logical mind hungering for problem solving games? This is the perfect number puzzle game for you. Challenging for avid puzzlers, yet easy to learn for the casual gamer.
Match candies based on math rules to advance from level to level. On each level, a candy giver populates the board with numbered candies. As the candy taker, Andy, part of a hidden order of mathemagicians, has to match the candies and on his way to the perfect sugar high. And they say too much candy and make you unhinged.
How to Play
- Match the candies together based on the math rules for that level.
- For example, Divisors. When one number divides into another, they can be matched. Like 9 into 27.
- Unlock more levels and new math rules!
Candy Andy - Munching Numbers features:
- Super responsive casual game play.
- Simple and engaging action!
- Playable offline.

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