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Bluetooth kills iPhone audio in car ?.?.?.?.


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Oct 16, 2011
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Bloomfield Hills, Mi USA
Ok. Loving my new 4s. Came over from Android and have a question.

I drive a VW GTI with a pretty robust head unit. It has an iPod cable that charges while playing and even supports audio over Bluetooth. Audio over Bluetooth is great, but when using the cable, everything shows up on the head units touchscreen and the iPod is fully controlled there, so it's a lot easier to do while driving.

So my standard procedure is to get in the car and start her up while plugging in my iPod/iPhone. Once I receive or make a call though the sound from my iPhone doesn't want to come through the cable. I can still see it and control it, but the Bluetooth seems to trump it.

Does anyone else here drive a VW that can maybe steer to me towards a setting on phone or car that will fix this? I was hoping to have this phone allow me to ditch the nano that I have been using for years.
I realize you posted this a couple months back, but the trick is that the "last connection" is what trumps the other.
For example, if you wait a minute or so for the bluetooth to pair *then* connect to your dock, the bluetooth will stay connected for phone calls but the bluetooth audio will be trumped by the dock connection.

Then you get all the benefits of both.

There used to be an iPhone hack that would disable bluetooth audio completely but that doesn't work on newer software versions.