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[Blog Post] Why Applits? Bringing App Development to the People...


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Jul 11, 2012
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Why Applits?
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or too long, creating apps has been something that has existed exclusively in the programmers domain. Why should only a few programmers and app development companies decide what apps YOU get to use every day of your life? The process that large app development companies have continued to follow is to first and foremost create an app that they think smartphone users would be interested in using. Sure, this could be preceded by professional market research and the analysis of the current apps that are popular on the marketplace. However, app enthusiasts themselves have never been involved in the inception of the idea and included in the process all the way until release.

Keith Shields and Joshua Tucker; Co-founders of Applits

Applits changes all of this. Now the end user will have a crucial role in dreaming up the next big app to strike that nerve of popularity. We believe that everyone has a great app idea, but unfortunately, not everyone has the coding knowledge to make that idea into a reality. Luckily, Applits provides the programming knowledge and you need only worry about the fundamental ideas…a perfect relationship for both of us!

Why is involving the end user at such an early stage the next step in the evolution of app development? Well, it provides direct market research gathered from the people who know what they want to see in an app. No one is going to know what kind of app is most desired than those who are using apps as an integral part of their lives. In addition, when a community comes up with an app design, no aspect or feature that the users want will go unnoticed. When only a few programmers are working on an app idea, their app frequently ends up missing some functions that would bring that “good” idea all the way to “great.” With a community based around building apps, there are hundreds of users who have input that can be measured and prioritized.

Applits allows the end-user to contribute directly to the first stage in app design.

We knew that we were on the right track in our thinking when – a mere two weeks before we launched our company – we stumbled across a Mashable article that pretty much summed up the issue that we were planning on tackling. In this Mashable article, writer Arie Abecassis states some amazingly accurate points…and we couldn’t agree more! An excerpt is below:

“But what if an app developer could build a relationship with users much closer to the point of app creation? What if there were platforms designed to allow developers and consumers to collaborate very early in the creative process by providing consumers with a ‘vote’ on the direction and potential success of apps. Historically, the process of app creation has been focused on a ‘build first, market later’ mentality. This translates into two main challenges: How do I get the consumer to even notice me and download my app. And if they download my app, what level of confidence do I have that they’ll like it and share it with their friends?

Earlier collaboration could translate into earlier engagement and earlier engagement could result in earlier user support and adoption. That could change the economics of customer acquisition and start shifting a little of the balance of power back to the development community.”

You can read the complete article at the following link: http://mashable.com/2012/06/14/mobile-app-discovery/

We at Applits are excited to be a part of this new evolution in app design, but we could never do it without you! We look forward to seeing you on site and working with you throughout this new app design process.

~Keith Shields , co-founder and CEO (@_keithshields)
Joshua Tucker, co-founder and CFO (@JoshuaRTucker)