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Apple WWDC 2014


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Oct 4, 2011
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I can't wait to hear what Apple announces this year.
What are you all hoping for?
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I have the WWDC week noted on my calendar, it's a big day for me. I'm hoping, though not holding my breath, to hear of a larger screen iPhone to be released later this year. I've heard that OS X will see some major GUI changes and hoping to catch some facts about that as well. I'll be buying my first Mac on June 4, so I need to keep up with OS X news.

One thing that I am sure of.. it will be an exciting week!
I'm waiting to see what changes iOS 8 will introduce. I have a developer account and will be downloading the iOS 8 beta release on one of my iPhones.
I am hoping that they announce an even different IOS 8. I like when they change things up. It feels like I have a new phone even if I don't. And if they release some details about the new beats audio they bought and what kind of improvements we can expect in the apple devices from this.

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