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Apple updates the Reuse and Recycling Program to accept water-damaged iOS devices


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Nov 27, 2012
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Apple has recently made some changes to its Reuse and Recycling Program and now the company will accept water-damaged iOS devices that you could trade in for an Apple Store gift card. So, If you dropped your iPhone or iPad in the toilet or in the bathtub or maybe rain has caused some damage to it, you’re not completely out of luck.

Now, Apple customers can trade in their iPhones or iPads that have been exposed to water or other liquids, but the amount of the gift cards you will receive could be affected by over $100 in some situations.

Besides buying used iPhones, iPods,iPads and Macs, Apple has partnered with PowerON to buy even various other non-Apple products. Previously, the Reuse and Recycling Program policy stipulated that devices with liquid damage could not be accepted in the trade-in. The AppleInsider Staff has more details regarding how water damage could affect the cost of a good condition iPhone:

For example, a good condition 64GB black iPhone 5 tied to AT&T would fetch $350 without water damage. With water damage, the same model drops down to $230. The lower price is to be expected, as recyclers are taking a risk in buying back a damaged item. Apple points out that customers can assess their own devices by checking a liquid contact indicator usually located in the bottom of the headphone jack. If activated, the normally white or silver tab will show a red or pink color. The indicator is positioned on the bottom of the dock connector housing for the iPhone 3G and later, as well as all iPads. An exception is the iPhone 5, which has the indicator placed in the SIM card tray.

The Reuse and Recycling Program started two years ago, in 2011 and offers Apple Store gift cards instead of cash for used products, which is a smart solution, as Apple’s clients spend that money buying Apple’s products or services.

Source: AppleInsider

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