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Apple TV New & Improved


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Jul 27, 2011
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Apple also shared a number of awesome enhancements for Apple TV. Here's a quick breakdown of the best highlights for the tvOS improvements:
  • Now has 1300 Channels - Now includes Sling, FoxSportsGo and more
  • 6000 Native Apps
  • AppleTV Remote improvements - App on the iPhone that is just like the SiriRemote and you can enter text with the keyboard
  • Siri Enhanced - can search movies for topics and categories - can even search in YouTube as well
  • New Live Channels like ABC, CBS, FX, ESPN@, etc. - Just say "Siri, Watch ABC," and it will go right to it.
  • Single Sign On - uses your Apple TV sign on for the sign on of all your apps. (a version will come to iOS as well).
  • Apple TV Dark Mode
  • Developer Improvements - Replay Kit, HomeKit and more...
Sound off and tell us what you think of Apple's big changes for the AppleTV.