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Apple Said to be Using In-Cell Touch Panels for Next iPhone


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Jun 18, 2010
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AppleInsider reports today that according to a new story on DigiTimes, Apple is planning to use in-cell touch panels made by Sharp and Toshiba Mobile Display for the next iPhone. AppleInsider cites several other sources who have said that Apple is planning to use in-cell technology for its touch panels in order to make the panels thinner than those made using on-cell technology. The technology makes for thinner panels because the touch sensors are, as the name implies, situated inside the colour filters instead of on top. DigiTimes sources also revealed that Apple has been swayed in favour of having Sharp and Toshiba Mobile Display make the new iPhone touch panels because of the improvement in yield rates of the in-cell touch panels made by those two companies. The report adds that the production of the panels for the next iPhone is expected to start ramping up in the second quarter of the year.


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