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Apple is Said to Have Purchased a Massive 43-Acre Development Site in North San Jose


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Nov 27, 2012
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A new report coming from Silicon Valley Business Journal suggests that Apple has purchased a 43-acre development plot in North San Jose. Apple paid slightly more than $138 million for the property, which is located on North First Street in San Jose.

Last month Apple leased 300,000 square feet of already constructed building in North San Jose and more recently the company has leased 76,000 square feet of office space in San Francisco, thus marking the company’s first major office space in the city.

The rumored acquisition of 43-acres in North San Jose is notable since Apple chose to buy, not lease the property, suggesting it has serious plans for the area.

Another publication has been saying that the North San Jose land, which is approved for construction of a total of 2.8 million square feet of offices, rivals the size of the "spaceship" complex now under construction in Cupertino.

Source: BizJournals