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Apple Does Not Seem to Want Any Google Input at All on iOS 6 Maps


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Jun 18, 2010
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AppleInsider writes today how Apple seems to be very determined to completely erase anything even remotely Google-like from its forthcoming in-house iOS 6 Maps app. Aside from disconnecting the new Maps app from Google’s servers, it will also, according to AppleInsider, redirect all third-party app requests to its own mapping servers, which would have the effect of instantly removing most mobile maps traffic from Google. AppleInsider says that this move by Apple to become further independent from Google comes about as a result of Google’s launch of Android as a threat to Apple’s own iOS, hence the more features Google releases for Android as time goes by, the more Apple has tried to ignore them. As AppleInsider notes, iOS does not feature Google’s Maps Navigation, not does it have anything to do with Google’s Latitude or Places, both of which are firmly installed in the Android Google Maps. Looks like a case of get thee behind me, Google, from Apple!

Source: Apple wants to wipe Google off the map with iOS 6

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