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Apple Catches up with Demand: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Ship Times Drop to One Day


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Nov 27, 2012
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Apple Catches up with Demand iphone 6 shipment times.jpg

It seems that Apple is finally catching up with demand for its latest iPhone models. The Online Apple Store now shows one-day ship times for most iPhone 6 Plus storage configurations and 1 to 3 days for the iPhone 6.

The new ship estimates refer to all 16GB and 64GB models in all three colors at major U.S. wireless carriers AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. The availability of higher capacity 128GB versions also improved for the iPhone 6 Plus, now standing at 3 to 5 business days.

The 128GB iPhone 6 is still showing 7 to 10 days for all color options, probably because it's not such a demanded version as the cheaper ones. AppleInsiders also observed that many brick-and-mortar Apple Stores are offering same-day in-store pickup for the most of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models.

Source: AppleInsider

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