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Apple Awarded Patent for 3D Virtual Keyboards


iPhoneForums.net News Team
Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
On Wednesday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded Apple with 41 patents. The patents were filed publicly on the PTO website, with an interesting one regarding 3D virtual keyboards.

Patently Apple was first to point out the patent titled “Virtual keyboard for a non-tactile three dimensional user interface”. The patent covers a 3D capturing device with cameras detecting hand movements. The device would allow users to type in range of the device simulating a keyboard on a surface.
In the past Apple has been awarded several patents using similar 3D-capturing technology. Last year HP introduced its Sprout technology, while gimmicky laser-projected keyboards have been around for years on end. Personally, I can't really think of a comfortable nor a good use of this newly acquired patent. What do you guys think?